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[Gist] Dog Rescues Baby been Buried Alive By Mother

[Gist] Dog Rescues Baby been Buried Alive By Mother

It has been said that dogs are mans best friend. This proves to be true as in recent times we have seen videos and read stories where dogs have save the lives of humans.

It is in the same light that this smart dog in the Northeastern part of Thailand saves the life of a new born baby.

It was alleged that the dog was seeing digging a portion of a field and barking (trying yo call attention of people). This got the attention of people around and they decided to check it out, behold is was an infant child that was buried right there.

According to reports.

The newborn was lying under a layer of dirt near a farm in the Chumpuang district of Nakhon Ratchasima province but was found the same day — May 15 — by a curious canine named Ping Pong.

As quoted by tori. ng
The dog dug around the area and began barking, alerting his owner a cattle herder, who went to the site.

“I don’t think it was long after his mother buried him before the dog found him,” case officer Panuvat Udkam told AFP.

He further added that the boy is responding to treatment in the hospital and he is still healthy.

The mother of the child on the other hand has been charge with abandonment and attempted murder.

According to an officer as quoted by tori :

Officer Panuvat said the suspect was 15 years old and had tried to dispose of the child because she was afraid her parents would get angry.

“So after she delivered the baby by herself she buried it,” he said.

The dog has been hailed to be a hero by locals and other social media users all over.

This is the major reason why people need to treat dogs nicely, as they are lovely animals which God has created to be man’s friend.

What do you think about this gist, and are you considering buying a dog, that’s if you don’t already own one. Lets hear from you.

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