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Paying January Salary as First Fruit not Allowed, Daddy Freeze Fires Pastor Chris

Paying January Salary as First Fruit not Allowed, Daddy Freeze Fires Pastor Chris

Popular and controversial Nigerian broadcaster known as Daddy Freeze has fired shot at pastors once again, discouraging the payment of first fruit.

Freeze is known for his controversial tweets and comments against pastors especially in regards to paying of tithes.

According to him, the bible did not hold record of any money paid to Jesus Christ as tithe. To him all this gospel of tithing are misleading and a means in which pastors use in enriching themselves.

His controversial statements have gained him more attention in the past years, while some are in support of his arguments, others feel he is fighting the church.

Following his continues attack on pastors who make tithe paying a must, Freeze has come out once again to portress his points with another tweet.

He made this tweet via his tweeter handle were he said its not allowed for pastors to expect January salaries from members this year. He further states that if it were necessary then Jesus would have collected it while he was here on earth.

His tweets read:

“Dear pastor, paying Jan salary as ‘First Fruit’ is not hallowed! If it were Christ would have collected or instruct the disciples to collect it.

You say if people don’t pay, their finances become confused, i’m currently praying for Dangote’s type of financial confusion. -FRZ”

See photo of tweet below.

What’s your take on this on this argument?  Will your finances get confused if u don’t pay tithes?  Let’s hear from you.

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