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Pastor Caught With Pants and Bra in Benin. Watch Video

Pastor Caught With Pants and Bra in Benin. Watch Video

A man who claimed to be a pastor was caught with ladies panties and bra in Benin Edo State Nigeria.This seem to be the latest trend in Nigeria lately as a lot of pant theft has been going on.

Recently a group of young men stormed a restaurant and demanded that all ladies strip and submit their panties and those who claimed not to be wearing panties were given new pants to put on for 5 minutes before submitting. Read more here…

This issue is getting serious by the day and If nothing is done to curtail this, I wonder what the country will be like in couple of months.

This incident is one among the many incidents that has occurred. Thinking that the man in the video disguises as a pastor, with a picture of Jesus Christ hanging on the wall cause for alarm.

Watch video clip below:

Could not upload video. Please download below.

Download here

Going forward what do you think should be done as regards this issue? We will love to hear from you, please leave a comment.

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