My Son Does Not Go to Church, Falz Mother Cry Out.

Funmi Falana mother to popular Nigerian Rapper Folarin Falana popularly known by his stage name ‘Falz’ has disclosed her worries about the Rapper.

Funmi said she is worried because her son Falz does not go to church. This is common with every Christian mother, they are always worried when their children do not attend church services. She said: “Folarin you don’t go to Church, and i am bothered. I hope you would start going to church this year. ”

Falz mum made this revelation shortly after the artist released his much anticipated album titled ‘Moral Instruction’. The album has caused a lot of stares in the music space and has to an extent achieve the reason why the artist has created it.

The album majorly aims to question every ills in our society and draw the attention of all towards the restructuring process of the country.

Falz has also replied his mothers accusation by saying he is still a Christian regardless of whether he attends church services or not even though he is free to follow any religious path he likes.

Folarin, According to Punch says the reason he doesn’t attend services is because he gets too much attention from congregation as though the service is because of him and not for God. The artist said the last time he attended a church service the pastor called him out just to acknowledge his presence and he was not happy with that. He said he is still hoping that things will change and he will one day go to Church and it won’t be like a show were everyone will be staring at me.

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