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Meet Boy Who Spent $30 000 Just to look Like Michael Jackson

Meet Boy Who Spent $30 000 Just to look Like Michael Jackson

A 22 year old Argentinian boy, Leo Blanco is said to have spent $30 000 approximately N10.8 million just to look like his idol Michael Jackson.

He is one amongs thousands who are trying to look just like the legend. This young boy seem to be so obsessed with looking perfectly like his idol Michael.


Blanco said he started watching the king of pop at an early age, and his love for MJ (Michael Jackson) made him to start under going surgeries at the age of 15.
The young boy is said to have undergone 11 plastic surgeries till date, according to him, he is yet to be satisfied with his looks.

He actually wants to be the replica of MJ and be outstanding among other MJ Lookalikes.
Blanco said he has had about 4 surgeries on his knows also on his cheek bones, chin and jaw.

According to him, he is going to have another surgery and he is not going to stop until he achieves a satisfying result.
His mother on the other hand seem disturbed about his sons looks, she said most times she wonders if Leo is still her son or someone else. She wish her son will go back to being who he was.

From the photos shared you will impressively say he looks just perfect, but he is not okay with this looks. Leo said he wants to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator alive.

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