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[Gist] 2baba Finally Drags Blackface to Court, Makes Revelation.

Former label mates 2baba formerly known as 2face and Blackface have had some issues in the past that seems to be resurfacing every time.

Over the past years Blackface has come out to throw shots at former label mate 2baba, accusing him of song theft. 2baba on the other hand kept mute over all this accusations and decided to settle it peacefully with Blackface out of public eye.

But the more the issue looks like it has been resolved, the next minute it’s back up again like a wild fire. The most recent incident happened few weeks ago when Blackface called out 2baba for an official war and even went on a live TV interview to accuse 2baba of song theft.

The issue seems to get worse every year between this two. It is on this note that 2baba has taken the decision to put an end to the issue. While on a tv interview 2baba said blackface started attacking him immediately he made his intention of moving on as solo artist known to the crew.

According to Vanguard 2baba said the following that with this exact words:

“I have had series of meetings with concerned people. Blackface started attacking me right from when I decided to go solo.”

While addressing the accusation by Blackface that he stole his song. He replied by saying he has not stolen any song from anyone, he further states that both ‘African Queen’ and ‘Let Somebody Love You’ that Blackface accused him of stealing was written by both of them.

The artist said he makes sure that he duly acknowledged everyone who contributed to any of his songs to avoid all this type of embarrassment.

As quoted by Vanguardngr:

“It has always been on record that “African Queen’ and “Let somebody love You” was written by myself and Blackface. These were the only two songs that I used and I mentioned it from the outset. It was Blackface that asked me if I wasn’t going to include “African Queen in my first album. So, there was never a case of I stole his song.

Both of us have the right to use the song. He had given somebody the permission to use the song before, and I did not say anything. He has also done something with the song before and I never said anything about it. There were a couple of songs he used in his own project which we did together and I never reacted negatively about it. And every time he comes up with this bizarre attack, he tried to rubbish my name.”

Speaking on putting an end to the fight, the artist said he has finally filed a suit against Blackface in court. “Black face will have to tell me which of his songs I have stolen, because we have equal rights to both African Queen and Let Somebody love You” he said.

The artist further disclosed that in 2017 his lawyer wrote to Blackface asking him to either sue 2baba or stop tarnishing his image. At that time Blackface stopped attacking him only to resume again this year. He further said he also needs blackface to come out and prove to the world which of his songs has been stolen for peace to reign.

As quoted by Vanguardngr:

“My lawyer wrote to him in 2017. And  the letter reads “You either stop saying that I stole your song or you sue me to court.” This is because if you don’t sue me and wouldn’t stop saying that I stole your song, I’m going to drag you to court. He somehow stopped the accusations after this letter. But later he started again. He has been accusing me of stealing his song for years. His attack did not start today. It started four months after I released my first album. So, it’s not as if I did anything wrong to him before he started attacking me. Months later after receiving the legal warning, he started attacking me again. So, right now,  we have gone to court. I actually dragged him to court.”


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