Top Six Ways To Write A Good Song In 2019

Writing a good song that turns out to be an anthem, has never been easy for a lot of artist all over the globe.  As challenging as writing a song seems, there are a good number of ways that can serve as an inspiration to write good songs.

Top six ways to write a good song in 2019

  1. Environment: 
  2. Reading books
  3. Adaptation
  4. Brainstorm
  5. Do a freestyle
  6. Listen to good music


Just as we often go to the mirror to see how we look in a particular dress or to see how nice our hairstyles are, an artist also is undoubtedly the mirror of the society, as people or their fans are supposed to see the world through their music. As an artist your environment should be your first source of inspiration to write good songs. You just need to look around to see the good, bad and ugly stuffs that are happening around you, you put in into writing not forgetting that proffering a solution or suggesting a way out to every ills you highlight in your song is a necessity.

Reading books

Reading a lot of books can improve once vocabulary thereby improving their communication skills. To be a very good songwriter, you need to be a lover of books as this will help you to be able to pass across messages perfectly.  Also books enable us to learn about other people’s culture, this could be an edge for an artist as he/she can take his creativity to another level.


Most times borrowing good sounds from other societies to fit our society can be a good thing to do. Adaptation in layman language means to copy an original work and then redoing it to suit your own society. It is very legal to borrow someone else’s work and rewrite them to fit in to what is obtainable in your own society; it only becomes a crime when you do not acknowledge the original writer of the song.


One major characteristic to possess as an artist is the ability to brainstorm; this can come in handy when you want to do something creative and outside the box. Doing something different can be so tasking and only a good thinker can come up with a great idea. As an artist and a songwriter, having the ability to brainstorm can make you one of the most sought after musicians in the world as your sounds will always sound amazing and unique.

Do freestyle

Doing freestyle is one out of the best ways to come up with a good sound; freestyle has to do more with improvisation.  Improvisation is an asset to an artist; unfortunately not all musicians have the ability to do this. Freestyle has no rule and structure attached to it, an artiste can say anything, however they want it without fear of messing up the song, and this is because it will not be produced for the public ear.  Some freestyle has turned out to be award winning songs for certain artist in the music industry. If you possess this skill as a songwriter and musician, then you are sure of an amazing career in music.

Listen to good music

It is not a crime to listen to other musicians songs, this can motivate you to want to write a good song as theirs. In addition to the above listed ways in which you can gather inspiration for a song, learning how to play at least three(3) musical instruments will do you a whole lot of good as an artist, it is very obvious how musicians who have skills in some musical instruments always produce good music. Finally a good habit to have as a musician and songwriter is your ability to accept constructive criticism from friends around, it is always advisable to sing first to your friends and allow them criticize and contribute to what you are trying to produce, don’t feel you know better than they do.

If you take these tips seriously, be sure of having a great year of music production ahead. Hope this helps.

Ransom Douglas

Am a Blockchain Analyst, Front-end web developer(wordpress), a good song writer, a comic actor, musician and also a blogger. Above all am a son of God.

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