How to Renew, Replace or Apply For New Drivers Licence

How to Renew, Replace or Apply For New Drivers.

Driver’s licence is an official or legal document which gives permission to an individual to be able to drive a vehicle. It is considered a crime for anyone to drive without a licence, hence face some legal punishment.

There are various classes of driver’s licence. So before one applies for a licence, he/she should be certain of the class they want. Below is a list of all classes of drivers licence, beginning from Class:

  1.  A: motorcycle.
  2. B: this is valid for vehicle of less than 3 ton gross weight other than motorcycle and commercial vehicles.
  3. C: this class is for automobiles of less than 3 gross weights other than a motorcycle.
  4. D: class d is meant for automobiles other than motorcycle or commercial vehicles.
  5. E: Class E driver licence is for vehicles other than a motorcycle.
  6. F: for tractors and generally agricultural vehicles.
  7. G: class g is meant for earth moving vehicles (bulldozers, motor graders, trenchers etc)
  8. H: Tracked vehicles
  9. J: class j is considered a special class. It is for the physically challenged.
  10. V: this class is specifically for convoy drivers.

After going through the classes of driver’s licence to know which class you prefer follow the steps below to apply for new driver’s licence.

Apply for new driver’s licence
  • Applicant must not be less than 18 years and not above 70 years, except for commercial drivers (not less than 26 years).
  • The applicant must have duly completed a course in an approved driving school.
  • Next step is to visit or visit to apply.
  • After completing application with required information, print out the application form.
  • Proceed to generate a payment code with which you can use to pay either online or in bank.
  • After bank payment, register your payment with the Board of Internal Revenue/Motor Licencing Authority.
  •  make yourself available (bring needed documents) to be tested by a testing officer.
  • To ensure you are not visually impaired, you must present a certificate of visual acuity.
  • Upon being cleared from all the above steps, you will proceed to Drivers Licence Centre for biometric capturing.
  • You will be given a temporal drivers licence that will expire after 60 days.
  • Further instructions will be given as regards when to collect the original print.
Apply for Renewal of Driver’s Licence

You can only apply for a renewal if you possess an expired licence. Drivers licence expires after a year or after three years depending on the age of the holder. To apply or renewal follow the steps below;

  • You should visit
  • Fill and complete form online using information obtainable from your old driver licence (number and date of birth).
  • Print out application form and generate a payment code.
  • Head on the any of the approved banks and pay the specified amount.
  • Take payment slip to Motor licencing Authority (MLA) for registering.
  • Go to testing officer for assessment.
  • Proceed finally to Driver Licence Centre (DLC) for biometrics.
  • Just as in the case of applying for new licence a temporal driver licence will be issued.

Applying for driver licence replacement is of same procedures as applying for a new driver licence. To be able to apply for replacement of a lost driver licence, you need to get a police extract and sworn affidavit in court.

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